Recent research suggests that the digital marketing industry generated more than 100 million US dollars in 2018. Digital adverts can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and serve different […]

Fueled by the ever-changing world of smartphone technology, mobile devices have become a vital part of our daily routines. In 2018 alone there were more than 194 billion apps installed […]

Native ad spend in the US alone surpassed 32 billion US dollars in 2018 and this format shows no signs of slowing down. A recent survey sent out to media […]

In-app advertising spend is set to surpass $200 billion by the year 2021. What’s more,97% of all mobile advertising spend goes to in-app ads, making it one of the fastest […]

The online dating industry generated close to 3 billion US dollars in 2018. And, this number is projected to grow at more than 5.5% every-year until the year 2021. Needless […]

Considering the fact that most people use 30+ apps every month, it’s easy for some of these applications to get lost in the crowd. Luckily, push notification campaigns have emerged […]

Do you know that 71% of all app uninstalls are caused by push notifications? If you  want to change this statistic, then you need to act: 1. Send personalized push notifications, […]

he truth is that testing new traffic types is part of the DNA of every affiliate. The reason is a never-ending game for better conversions and higher ROI. Today we wanna […]