In a world full of unnamed and useless software, we are proud to introduce you with one of the best self-hosted tracker solutions currently on the market – Binom tracker.

These guys do know what they are doing, for almost three years they were in the shadow polishing and providing their product to a very close community of top affiliates, before that they used to be AM’s themselves! And now they are ready to go public.
It’s been less than a month since the official release of Binom tracker at STM, and it already got dozens of positive reviews from expert affiliates as well as from newbies.
Pop-traffic, mobile, native ads, Facebook – Binom is good almost for everything and has its unique features for almost all niches.

Quick overview:

  • 99 dollars’ license for up to 600 million clicks per month;
  • Fast redirects and reports speed. And when we say fast – we mean really fast;
  • Godlike support that will not only install tracker and take care of all tracker or server related questions, but also might actually help you with campaign settings and give some advice on AM;
  • Free SSL for all your domains;
  • No-redirect tracking (integrated landings and LP Pixel);
  • Tracking of any events and displaying in reports with any formulas;
  • Check of tracker’s and landing’s domains for Google ban;
  • Group campaign reports for cross-analysis;
  • Tracking of behavioral factors;
  • Teamwork, access rules and many more…

Sign up HERE or use ACTIVEREVENUE promo code and get the first month for free and $40 bonus on the second month on Binom.

Written by activeteam

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